Bambuddha Grove

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Iconic Ibiza restaurant Bambuddha Grove is situated on a sprawling lot of land on the road to San Juan, far away from the buzzing city and nightlife. So much more than a restaurant and hence perfect for a complete night out, the place offers bars, temple-like lounge areas and gardens, and a «tantric» shop, in addition to the popular ethnic fusion restaurant.

After spending 20 years in India exploring spirituality, the owner John Moon arrived in Ibiza with a wish to create a spiritual meeting place – a place that grew into the famous Bambuddha Grove. His inspiration is captured in both Oriental interior décor and ‘MediterrAsian’ menu. Today, the younger generation is in charge, but Moon´s presence is remarkable.

Bambuddha Grove are well-known for their parties – in particular the fabulous Halloween events where the entire island comes in costumes!

Bambuddha Grove has special VIP/private areas, and valet parking for those arriving by car.

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