Casa Munich

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First open by the Braun family in 1987 and slowly built through word-of-mouth to what it is today, Residencia Casa Munich stands out as an miniature village made up of rustic chic bungalows set on 10.000 m2 of land in Las Salinas national park, hidden between the old salt lakes and pine covered hills. Over the years our family has put every effort converting the 400-year old finca farmhouse and the surrounded buildings into a boutique style hotel. With white-washed stone walls, rustic wooden ceilings, arched windows, quaint courtyards, sun drenched balconies draped in bright pink bouganvillea plants and classic white Ibicenco architecture, everything has been renovated in keeping with its original spirit. All facilities are connected via a series of pathways paved through manicured landscaped tropical gardens decorated with beautiful and stylish furniture.

Residencia Casa Munich boasts three beautiful swimming pools (one heated) with modern and comfortable daybeds, a sauna and a massage parlour. An unsupervised kid’s corner is also available for the younger guests. For the sporty types there are a tennis court, a gym and mountain bikes to use free of charge. The chic and stylish lounge bar and deluxe chill out area by the main pool are perfect for late afternoon cocktails or early evening drinks.

Privacy, tranquillity and yet a homely feeling are at the heart of our ethos, and with a warm and friendly atmosphere our caring family vibe shines through. Residencia Casa Munich is as intimate or spacious as you require.

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