Yogi Yuni By Ayda


My name is Ayda and together with my partner I can offer Yoga and Healing sessions in your vacation home here in Ibiza or in another beautiful establishment on the island.

1.) My yoga aim and our shamanic healing aim is, to bring the pure power of the heart to shine again and through that to heal every stage in your life…the magical foundation the Three A´s from Anusara yoga are helping to understand our depth:

The power of our heart as the force behind every action and to reawaken our celebration of life. In terms of inner transformation and fulfillment is attitude the most powerful of the three A´s! Called “Iccha” Heart in Sanskrit

The mindful awareness of ourselves integrated and interconnected with our body language and movements. Called “Jnana” Mind in Sanskrit

The natural flow of energy in the body, which provides both stability, self-esteem and joyful freedom. Called “Kriya” Body in Sanskrit

2.) Explanation from my www.yogiandyuni.com website:
Yoga philosophy always helps. One of the most beautiful journeys to accomplish on earth – your innerspace! Like a lotus flower (the flower of flowers) opens to show respect for its existence. I continue to be amazed by the incredible self-healing powers of yoga. Over time, many of my own mental and physical difficulties have been resolved.

Dive with me into the realm of your own beautiful inner and outer world! The great unity in us will support all of us on all levels for all our efforts. It’s a very useful key available for you, anytime!

3) Shamanic healing
“Energetic healing (channeling) from brazilian shamans.
We embrace your inner child”

It has nothing to do with the occult, trance, drugs, confrontation, judgements. You don ́t have to do anything – just relax!

Very often our rational minds and our egos make it difficult to see ourselves for who we truly are. The way we behave has become a structured daily routine. We don`t want to remove our outer layers for fear of revealing too much of ourselves.

To heal the injured parts of the soul on all levels.
To recognize the causes of problems and blockages and to transform them. The aim of the work is to convert sadness, old conditions, trauma, depression, illness, etc. into a harmonious positive energy / life.

4.) Life Coaching
Life coaching, why ?
During my work with my clients I have noticed, that they have benefited in the long term by a willingness to see themselves for who they really are.
This self-knowledge leads to inner peace, inner clarity, a wealth of knowledge and opens up new possibilities. Externally this is manifested in self-knowledge authenticity, success, fulfillment and relaxed composure to new challenges.

How does life coaching work ?
It`s an easy and relaxed conversation between the client and myself that will take us on a journey that I can guide you through. As above, you determine how far you want to go.

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